Don’t forget that the earth delights in feeling your bare feet and the winds intensely want to play with your hair.
(Khalil Gibran)

The project is located in the countryside of Modugno, close to the Lamasinata Lama and the fortified Casale di Balsignano, an archaeological historical site of considerable tourist importance, just a few kilometers from Bari.

The rural landscape of the Modugnese area is simple but rich and can make a village of few inhabitants magical, give a sense of identity to a hidden piece of land, remind us tourists that the bucolicity of our land has a stimulating grandeur with traditions that are avant-garde at least as much as art itself.

All the cultural and recreational tourist activities take place at the “MAGIA” social garden in Modugno in the Pigna district: four hectares of uncontaminated green with Mediterranean scrub, olive groves, fruit trees and social gardens.

The MAGIC Social Garden is a space suspended in time where one feels “in freedom” and where one can be “at home” far from the pressures of everyday life. A corner of greenery where you can stop the thoughts of the head and share the taste of the earth with your hands, and feel the nature that surrounds us with all your senses.

A special place where young and old meet, and grow their own vegetables. Even the agri-tourists and travelers who love to live in contact with nature can learn to become “peasants for a day” and if they wish, they can participate in a session of a master class, a workshop or seminar on agriculture, natural food and permaculture. The natural raw materials we use for our agri-tourists are above all the vegetables and seasonal vegetables that our circular and synergic garden produces. We deal with conscious and vegetarian nutrition. The agri-tourists will have at their disposal a kitchen and a clay oven in order to prepare their own dishes. It is a unique place because it is green and where nobody will dare disturb your peace. Far from the traffic, immersed in the sounds of nature, it will seem like you have returned to the origin, among natural, healthy and tasty foods and an air of total relaxation, to disconnect from the world for a few days in one of the best green and eco friendly accommodations just a few kilometers from the city of Bari (km) and from Karol Wojtyła airport, it is one of the main Italian airports, as well as the main airport in Puglia. A relaxation to be experienced with the breeze of the wind among the trees and the autumn leaves that touch the earth between small crops of turnip tops, the spring warmth that rises on a new artichoke shoot, or the summer heat mitigated by a cool and juicy cantaloupe melon. Travelers can book their stay at the campsite by choosing from the various camping formulas and proposed workshops. To stay at the AgriCamping is not necessary to carry out cultural or agricultural activities but it is possible to simply relax with suggestive walks, healthy food and natural cuisine and holistic treatments.

Live together with Us, the “magical” enthusiasm of our vegetable garden. GROW YOUR FUTURE, travel in contact with your desires, live HEALTHY, live with MAGIC!