And this life of ours, away from the crowd, finds languages in the trees,
books in streams, sermons in stones, and good everywhere.
(William Shakespeare)


  • Without camping tend
  • With camping tend
  • Double without camping tent
  • 3 x 2
  • 3 x 2
  • 6 x 2
  • € 15,00
  • € 20,00
  • € 25,00
  • Adults
  • Kids
  • € 5,00
  • € 3,00

Ours is an intimate and bucolic place, just outside the city of Modugno (province of Bari) which develops on an agricultural area of ​​four hectares, with a tourist reception area, composed of a central nucleus dedicated to agricultural activities and recreational facilities for adults and children, and an external Green Ring, which surrounds the vegetable gardens, olive trees and fruit trees, where you can book one of the ten delicious tents, all equipped with every essential comfort to stay at our social garden. The AgriCampeggio offers the visitor green ALL DAY days between food, recreational and country activities, or weekend en plein air in full comfort and ecology to meet new friends, eat healthy and conscious, do sports and meditative activities. These two simple and winning formulas give the opportunity to let experiential tourism come to life, both large and small, near and far, to spend a day outdoors choosing between the different activities we offer, or living for yourself a Night & Day experience waking up in delicious Tepees, singing birds at dawn or falling asleep after a holistic treatment, or at the end of a romantic walk in the Mediterranean scrub along the Lamasinata Lama in search of wild fruits and herbs, and then return “home” savoring good freshly baked bread in the oven of raw earth, accompanied by the vegetables harvested during the day in our garden … but the day does not end here! The fairy forest awaits you tomorrow and two steps away from the M.AG.I.A. and will give you paths and walks among ancient pines, oaks, cyclamen fields and rocky settlements rich in history and curiosity. Our botanical walking are also walks in silence listening to your breath and sounds and meditating on the colors of nature according to the seasons. The botanical walking are cultural excursions in the company of our agronomists and storytellers. If you love the outdoors, AgriCamping offers tailor-made services that can make your stay unforgettable. An ecofriendly place, equipped for all your needs as travelers who love living in contact with nature with the right comforts of the modern explorer.The activities of our agri camping are many, come and discover them, click our banner at the bottom right in the Events and Programs section.


· Tents 2 places (dim.2 × 3 mt) equipped with basic comfort (mattress, sleeping bag and pillow)

·  2 bathrooms (one for the disabled) with shower and hot drinking water.

· Hot and cold outdoor shower.

·  Clothesline.

·Cooking utensils.

· Outdoor washing area for dishes and laundry.

· Outdoor dining and dinner area with benches and tables.

· Food area with oven and kitchen in raw earth.

· Food area with electric stove.

· Connection to the electricity network.

· Reading and relaxation area.

· Play area and adventure trails for the little ones.

· 1 Yurt tent for holistic activities.

Discover the formulas of experiential tourism and choose the most suitable for your needs

You can organize interesting vacations beyond the classic tourist circuits thanks to experiential proposals with the following formulas: 

Enjoy Nature 

Stay included of all the activities included in our program during the chosen dates of the stay.* For large groups of minimum 8 people it is possible to organize customized programs.


Overnight in the moonlight and an activity of your choice.

Wellness & Food

Holistic paths and natural cooking workshops, minimum 2 days.

Create your own path by choosing from the activities and laboratories that interest you and contact us to receive your personalized prize quotation.