ABC in Nature

Excursion:It starts at dawn or early afternoon to walk in the fields up to the Lamasinata blade to discover the secrets of the Mediterranean scrub.

Insect friends:Learn about the ecosystem and the habits of our six-rampant animals with an entertaining hunt approaching the world of entomology.

Under the stars:We savor the summer night with a beautiful telescope and an expert sailor of the skies who will tell us of the beautiful bedtime stories and the mysterious stories of the stars and planets and crops.

Le petit princetoujour:Grow your flower or vegetable of your choice. We teach to give birth to a sprout, to plant it in the earth and to cure it.

Hortus Deliciarum, the artist’s notebook:Collect, know, draw and catalog plants, flowers and small memories of nature.


Kneading:Pasta, bread and focaccia, bread-making workshop, from bread, focaccia and taralli cooked in our oven in raw earth to homemade pasta to be seasoned with our freshly picked vegetables and vegetables.

PIC NIC on board:We create our sweet and savory snack on board the fantasy with the help of our chef.

Add a place at the table:At dinner with mum and dad we cook together the products of the garden with the help of our children.

Sport & Fun

Water air fire earth, naturalistic Orienteering:A surprise treasure hunt, learning to use topographic maps and compass.

Action!:We create the storyboard of a film that we will create by disguising ourselves and becoming fictional characters that inhabit the playhouse.

Small pests create:Visual and sensorial tactile laboratory with the elements of nature in the yurt, creates an object from what you find in the garden.

Papel’s house:Origami of paper and magic lanterns.