activities in nature


(on request min. 4 participants).

Farmer for a day:Natural farming lessons for a DIY garden.

Homemade:The artisans, days with the craftsman working wood, rush, the ferula. Terracotta and clay art workshop.

Bio-architecture and ecodesign sessions:Realize and build anthropic environments according to the “no impact” principle.

Herbalist for a day:natural soaps and cosmetics, oleolites, creams, ointments, natural detergents how to prepare them in simple steps.

Panarie:Introductory seminars on traditional medicine (shiatsu, ayurvedic, phytotherapic).

Under the stars:We savor the summer night with a beautiful telescope and an expert sailor of the skies who will tell us of the beautiful bedtime stories and the mysterious stories of the stars and planets and crops.

Natural Cooking

(on request min. 2 participants).

Hands In paste:Bread, taralli, focaccia and pasta, leavening with ancient grain flours, preparations and baking in a raw earth oven with the help of our chef.

Alchemies:Small DIY preserves from jam to salads, from pickles to oil.

Botanicalwalking, from the land to the plate:We walk to the discovery of the Mediterranean scrub and the spontaneous edible grasses, collection and transformation of the herbs and spontaneous fruits collection walk and culinary preparations in collaboration with our chef.

Extra virgin olive oil:oil time and olive harvest.

Cin Cin !:Vineyard and cellar a journey to discover the world of wine.

Chakra day, cooking with the colors of the seasons:What is the chromocooker and what are the colors for? Sensory chromocapine seminar.

Awand Awand:Traditional Apulian cuisine from appetizers to desserts following seasonal products. The cuisine of knowledge with ancient recipes typical of our geographical area.

Raw Eat:Demonstrative day on raw food with our vegetables, vegetables and seeds. How to prepare a good lunch without using the stove? We follow the advice and techniques (from the dryer to the extractor) to learn a super natural cuisine and an author menu. Demonstration and tasting.

Sport & Benessere

(on request min. 2 participants).

Silencewalking:The meditative walk in silence. experience of contact with nature by immersion in ancient rituals to get rid of anxiety and stress. Meditation and Mantra in the garden.

Nirvana:Yoga sessions.

Let’sJump !:Running and gymnastics and muscle awakening.

Me & You:Cycling. You can bring your mountain bike with you or rent it at the campsite. Venture out on the cycle paths or on the dirt roads immersed in the countryside to explore the area and maybe visit some small towns nearby.

Courbet’s atelier:A tripod in the meadow, many colors, and a large canvas to draw in contact with nature and the skill of a painter who will follow you in a creative and original journey.

Lotus flower:Book your holistic treatment choosing from: Ayurveda massage, Polynesian LomiLomi massage, New Zealand Maori massage. African tribal massage, Shiatsu therapy, Reiki sessions and chromotherapy treatments. (on request)